The story of René Leclézio and Lonrho Sugar
compiled by Jerry Gosnell

Gallic Thunderbolt front cover
Compiled by: Jerry Gosnell
ISBN: 0-620-31944-5
Published: 2004
Pages: 308 pages (170 x 240 mm)
Format: soft cover

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Lonrho Sugar Corporation, one of Africa's most successful sugar companies, was the creation of one man, René Leclézio, Lonrho's "Gallic Thunderbolt". From its beginning in Malawi in 1965 he made it an international force in the sugar world by the time he retired in 1994.

Lonrho Sugar was that rarest of animals, a multinational operating exclusively in Africa which always made profits; survived floods, droughts and coups and established a reputation for long term commitment to the communities in which it worked.

This book is not a biography of an individual, nor is it a history of a company. It is a collection of reminiscences written by the people who were close to René and the story of the group he created, told by the men and women who were there.